GeForce GTX 860M crashes to BSOD after driver 378.49 update


GeForce GTX 860M Crashes to BSOD after Driver 378.49 Update

Today my gaming laptop with GTX 860M crashes after the driver version 378.49 updated, the environment is Windows 10 Version 1607 64-bit on Lenovo Y50-70.

My screen always stuck with few seconds on booting and BSoD of VIDEO_SCHEDULE_INTERNAL_ERROR and CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT also appeared randomly even without any operating like drag and drop or opening my outlook.

With the 378.49 and the .57 hotfix, my Lenovo y50-70 laptop becomes completely unusable. The freezing / crashing starts occurring as soon as Windows 10 starts up. Took me a while to narrow it to the driver, and I also determined that uninstalling the GeForce Experience suite did not help fix the issue.

In short, like everyone else, the new driver packages are completely unusable for the GTX 860m. Rolled back to 376.33 and all issues are fixed 🙂

Its not the first time that GeForce NVIDIA had problems with GTX 860M just 1 year ago (12/2/15). Last year GeForce QA/DEV team worked on hotfix very long time and many users suffered because of that delay.

In my opinion GTX 860M was most unstable product with the most unstable drivers that i ever installed/seen in any PC/laptop.

How to fix BSOD after Driver 378.49 Update?

You need to rolle back to 376.33 update


Live forum updates :

UP.1. NVIDIA published hotfix 378.57 – NOT WORKING .

UP.2. 378.66 – working  🙂

Good luck!