Virtuozzo 7 webinar October 18


Virtuozzo 7 webinar October 18

Today i was on very cool Virtuozzo 7 webinar (October 18 2016) and it was astonishing!!!

virtuozzoI am using Virtuozzo products since version 4.6 and i see very big potential in Virtuozzo 7 for big hosting company and for little – it think its the most cost-effective solution for VPS and cloud hosting.

One of the great (for me?) features that i was surprised to her (BETA stage?) – Disk encryption ! You can encrypt the data and the backup and the container would be encrypted  🙂 I think ReadyKernel is the second of the greatest things – No more “useless” Reboots !!! 🙂

One more likely the saddest news to hear was – “No more PVA”.  Yes , you are not in the dream… Virtuozzo killing its “baby” for new product that called “Virtuozzo Automator”. Virtuozzo team says that Virtuozzo Automator will have brand new features like LB (Load Balancer) , VPN , Network config and more ….

I remember a great story regarding Plesk Expand server – it was one of the best support hosting panels ever… some day Plesk (Paralles) decide to “kill” this solution and what is happening now is a mess, support department was confused with so many plesk panels…. Couple of years past and now Plesk (Paralles) developed “New Expand” as extension to Plesk platform that do the same thing … . I think the same would be with PVA (i think so…..)  and it will rise in couple of years with the new brand name but the same idea  🙂

Virtuozzo 7 Benefits

Virtuozzo 7 combines well-known Systems Container technology, KVM-based virtual machines and software-defined storage in a single solution covered by production support.

Think of Virtuozzo as your virtualization multi-tool: Our unique approach to combining the best virtualization tools and value-added services in a single console is proven to be the best fit for customers that want:

  • the freedom to choose the best technology for the job
  • the power to deliver exceptional performance to customers
  • a knock-your-CFO’s-socks-off ROI

By the Numbers

  • Virtuozzo VMs outperform CentOS KVM by up to 33%
  • Virtuozzo Containers™ deliver 40% better performance and 2x better density than most advanced hypervisors
  • Virtuozzo Storage outperforms Ceph—the most popular open source software-defined storage by 10x or more on identical hardware
  • 24×7 professional support service from a team with 15+ years experience

Virtuozzo 7 webinar invitation

This is a copy of the invitation that was sent by Virtuozzo team:


Virtuozzo 7 – Highlights

Virtuozzo Containers – whats new in Virtuozzo 7 ?

With system containers™, a single operating system kernel can support multiple isolated virtualized instances instead of just one. Such instances, called containers™, look and feel like a real server from your customer’s point of view.

Key Features

  • Designed to run a full Linux OS and any distribution
  • Low memory overhead; advanced memory management
  • Flexible and fine-grained CPU and memory management
  • Secure by default


  • Better performance and density compared to VMs
  • Containerize any application with native performance
  • Support for container™ management through libvirt and OpenStack

By the Numbers

  • 60% better performance compared to VM
  • 2x greater density compared to VM
  • Deploy hundreds of containers on a standard dual-CPU x86 server
  • Zero overhead costs
  • Fraction-of-a-second startup time

Measuring System Container™ Density


This graph depicts a density test comparison of CentOS 7 KVM and Virtuozzo 7 Containers™. Each virtualization solutions was loaded by a number of clients sending requests to every server at fixed rate. While adding more and more servers, we monitored the average response time and stopped the test when it reached the preset limit (200ms). As you can see, CentOS 7 KVM was able to handle 130 servers simultaneously, while Virtuozzo Containers™ can run more than 200 servers with the identical performance.

Virtuozzo 7 performance comparison: Windows VMS on CentOS and Virtuozzo

Figure 1. Performance comparison of Windows VMs running on CentOS KVM and Virtuozzo

Virtuozzo 7 Hypervisor – whats new ?

Key Features

  • Improved density with AMM, auto ballooning, and Kernel same-page merging
  • KVM/QEMU cache optimizations
  • Set of kernel patches improving performance
  • Windows drivers with Hyper-V enlightenments
  • Powerful guest tools


  • Proven backup solution shipped by default
  • Reduced overall maintenance
  • Low cost
  • Software-defined storage runs together with compute
  • Upstream compatible and commitment to open standards

By the Numbers

  • 100% upstream KVM compatible
  • Up to 40% better performance results for latest Linux and Windows OS
  • 30% higher density than standard KVM
  • 24×7 highly skilled professional support

Performance Test: CentOS7 KVM vs Virtuozzo 7 Hypervisor


This graph depicts a SPECvirt performance test of Linux workloads for CentOS 7 KVM versus the Virtuozzo 7 Hypervisor. Tiles represent a set of workloads. A single tile deploys a number of different workloads, each of them generating output transactions. Here we measure the output total of all transactions.

Virtuozzo 7 Storage – whats new ?

Key Features

  • High availability, high performance
  • Low-cost scalability up to multiple petabytes and hundreds of nodes in a single cluster
  • Persistent, production-ready storage for Docker
  • Block storage optimized for big files; S3-compatible object storage
  • Web-based UI management


  • Use your existing hardware
  • Flexibility to deploy containers and VMS
  • Fast performance
  • Zero downtime
  • Live server migration in user space
  • Eliminate the need for costly, special-purpose storage devices
VIRTUOZZO STORAGE VS. CEPH I/O Performance Comparison: Link

Ceph vs Virtuozzo Storage


This graph compares sequential read, sequential write, random read, and random write operations between Virtuozzo Storage and open source storage solution Ceph.

docker_logo_205x185Need Persistent Storage for
Your Docker Containers?
Try Virtuozzo Storage for Docker. >>




Value-Added Services

On top of virtualization, Virtuozzo offers a helpful suite of value-added services right “out of the box”, keeping your total cost of ownership low.

  • 24×7 first-class support
  • Rebootless kernel updates with ReadyKernel
  • Advanced memory management enabling better density without performance impact
  • Application catalog powered by Bitnami
  • Additional Docker support including new storage plugin

About Virtuozzo

Virtuozzo pioneered the first commercially available container technology, and continues to innovate in areas ranging from industry-leading virtualized object storage to cloud-optimized Linux distributions to groundbreaking container migration technologies. Major service providers worldwide rely on Virtuozzo virtualization for a scalable and secure service platform. Virtuozzo is a contributor to many open source projects including OpenVZ, CRIU™, KVM, Docker, OpenStack and the Linux kernel, and maintains partnerships with Docker, OpenStack, Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Open Container Initiative, and The Linux Foundation. Virtuozzo is headquartered in Seattle and has major offices in London and Moscow.

Resources and More Information about Virtuozzo Storage

Virtuozzo 7 Datasheet

Virtuozzo 7 Storage Datasheet

Virtuozzo Storage vs Ceph White Paper

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Update #1: New video from Openprovider

Webinar New Release of Virtuozzo 7 | Openprovider

Ref. info virtuozzo

Thats it ! Virtuozzo 7 webinar October 18 was GRAET ! For the first look i was impressed for the good side !

Good luck!