CheckPoint Safe@office 500 –The movie– Security


CheckPoint Safe@office 500 –The movie– Security

Hello everyone ,I lately and finally buy a new router system to my home net and I want to share couple of points regarding this fantastic router .

The Good


This router have the most up to data version that updates itself every 60 min !!!This router has an AV function that works great and blocks the viruses and Trojan connections and custom policy’s can be modified to it .This router has an very fast and secure SSL certificate VPN ( L2TP ) connections .

Have an 4 functional firewall rules that can filter the web more clearly , low-basic , mid-filter incoming connections , high-filter all connections ,block all – blocks all the net .

This router got the most powerful SmartDefense tool that can remind us the ww-rt firmware’s that emulate this .This router got an Anti Spam functional build in and its will work great if you have an a mail server in the office but yes its working and set the custom policy’s to use this rule.The router have a n VPN site-to-site connections , for example you got 2 offices and you connect tem on the router level .

This router have an very powerful Web Filtering for any content that are marked like block news sites or blogs .This router have an Dynamic VPN function that need to buy with checkpoint packages .This router have also the function that scans the mail and called Email Antivirus .

Tip:The VPN functions can be setup very easy and very quick . In order to setup a VPN connection you need to go to the management and set the VPN connection with 3 options that you can choose and modify .

The first options is Check Point Remote Clients that uses an GUI interface that installs on the Windows/Mac commuters very easy but the configuration on that GUI is not that easy that it looks in the first time .

The second and the best option I think is to use L2TP connection with a key . The session is  limited to 60 min only and the encryption level is AES-256/SHA1 .