Corrupted named.conf in cpanel


Corrupted named.conf in cpanel

Hello all ,

Sometimes we will get our named.conf corrupted. Here is the way to fix that in cpanel servers.

First of all clear the named.conf using the following command

root@cpaneltest [~]#> /etc/named.conf

Now execute the cpanel script to rebuild the named.conf

root@cpaneltest [~]# /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/rebuilddnsconfig

Now restart the named service:

root@cpaneltest [~]#/etc/init.d/named restart

Everything should be fixed now.


DNS Functions:

This chapter describes the BIND 9 named.conf file which controls the behaviour and functionality of BIND. named.conf is the only file which is used by BIND – confusingly there are still many references to boot.conf which was used by BIND 4 – ignore ’em. BIND releases include a list of the latest statements and options supported. This list is available in /usr/share/docs/bind-version/misc/options (FC) or /usr/src/contrib/bind9/doc/misc/options (FreeBSD) and if you are using the Windows version it ain’t there!. BIND allows a daunting list of configuration entities. Panic not: you only need a small subset to get operational. Read the first two sections to get a feel for the things you need, it identifies the MINIMAL values (depending on your requirement). Check the samples section for configuration specific examples.


P.s. Please backup files that you change and put them to the safe place =)

Good luck