Move cPanel Apache domlogs to other location


Move cPanel Apache domlogs to other location


What are domlogs?

Domlogs are the domain logs which are generated for the domain. Web statistics use these logs.
If  these logs are removed, you won’t be able to view the stats for that specific domain.

However the stats will be updated from the next coming day, and you will be able to view the next newly generated stats, but not the old ones, as you have deleted them.
If the logs are consuming more space, you can try to delete the older files say a weeks or a months ago, to free up some space.

Within the domlogs folder each site on the server will have its own log file.  These files will be the fully qualified domain name for the domain, ie,  All http traffic to a site will be logged in this log file.

Default location of domlogs in cPanel :



The problem

Domlogs folder growing very fast when you have many domains in your cPanel or very big traffic websites on your server.

As you can see cPanel recommends  40 GB recommended minimum in your / partition.

P.s. Please check your websites/domains before using thous recommendations from cPanel…



You can move your domlogs folder to other partition by doing this :

service httpd stop
ps ax | grep httpd (Verify that no httpd process still running)
cd /usr/local/apache
mkdir /home2/apache ( Considering /home2 as your new drive)
mv domlogs /home2/apache/
ln -s /home2/apache/domlogs /usr/local/apache/domlogs
ls -la /usr/local/apache/ (Verify the link)
service httpd start

P.S. Warning ! This operation will cause downtime to your web server.


After this operation you can freely enjoy more space on your / partition.

Good luck !