PHP ImagickException error in CloudLinux not authorized


Hello there 🙂


Today i have faced a new and very strange problem with PHP ImagickException error in CloudLinux not authorized that we (CloudLinux also big thanks to Igor Ghertesco) manage to fix it.

My system was very simple that uses CloudLinux 7.2 technology including PHP selector and Plesk 12.5 system on Cenots 7.2.


The beginning 🙂

Our client (domain name : uses Imagick and have errors in error_log :

After reviewing this error and after we sew this line we check tmp on our server and it was ok with permissions and the owner based on your infrastructure.

TMP directory on the server (/tmp):

One of the clues

One of the solutions was  described in this thread:

But this solution didn’t helped us on CloudLinux system with PHP selector.


Solutions: 1 (described here)

Comment this line:


Solutions: 2 (worked on my CloudLinux)

Comment this line:



P.S. Do not forget to clear cookies and cache after doing solutions 1 or solutions 2.

P.S.2. Make sure you have up to data patch regarding Imagick from CloudLinux servers .


A critical vulnerability was found in ImageMagick which allows remote code to be executed during the conversion of several file formats. ImageMagick Filtering Vulnerability – CVE-2016-3714 pateched .


Good luck !