Problem with updating Perl modules in Plesk 12


Problem with updating Perl modules in Plesk 12


Hello every one ,

I have installed in my VPS windows 2012 new Plesk version 12.0.18 .


Why i need to upgrade/update Perl modules ???

The answer is simple , i need this for new DNS propagation checker .

This tool is written in Perl . To use it i need updated Net::DNS module.


As admin of the server i did found this page : KB in Parallels web site that explains how to install Perl modules via PPM manager .

In first 10-5 sec i did the basic staff like update the packages in that PPM .

After the update of packages (sort of apt-get update) i come to Net DNS  module (my version was 0.70) and i choose 0.80 – the updated one .

After 1 in i got error : failed 401 Authorization Required

In couple of places it gave me this error as well : 401 Authorization Required

I started to check my Perl installation and if it need to be update.

I check the version of Perl engine and i was in shock !!! It uses ActivePerl 5.10

I cant install any thing because it needed license from me….



I used the 3 part ppm repository’s , and the BEST of them is here :

If you know/have more ppm repository’s please contact me or PM me to my email in contact page .



P.S. Dont know but plesk didnt updated PPM and ActivePerl  as needed…. i will open ticket to there support

Have a nice day,




Sergey Babkevych