Tranzila – Daily transmission report

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If you using Tranzila as an online merchant you will need to pay attention to Daily transmission report :

or in English

This Daily transmission report is an TEST SHVA report. 

When you get your terminal to production you will get the real name in this report and real terminal id and SAPAK code from credit card company.

English: Tranzila web site

Hebrew: Tranzila web site

About Tranzila :

InterSpace Ltd., the owner and creator of TRANZILA™, was established in 1996 in order to provide companies with the opportunity of receiving reliable, professional and affordable Internet services. Today, InterSpace has become a leading force in the web hosting and e business solution market. The company specializes in advance dedicated server, data center hosting and e-commerce solutions. Our services utilizing our state-of –the-art data center, and our premier partnership with the global giant NTT/Verio, and partnerships with Intel, Microsoft, Geotrust and others.

Since its role out in the year 2000, TRANZILA has shown a steady and promising growth and has recruited leading e-merchants, service providers and integrators as clients. In addition to the growth in Internet transaction volume, TRANZILA has grown its business by integrating new technologies and by offering value added services. The latest developments from TRANZILA includes the introduction and offering of the 3dsecure solution in an ASP mode, advanced fraud detection system, recurring billing and invoice issuing system and more.

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TRANZILA offers its clients, turn key solution for their entire on-line infrastructure needs. Our experts are outsourced for characterization of application, applications management and development.


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