Using Winroute Lite


Using Winroute Lite

Hello everyone ,

Currently i am using Winroute Lite 4.2.5 software for NAT purpose in window XP to route my software VPN clients.

WinRoute Lite offers a fast and easy solution for sharing a single Internet connection for your entire network. With firewall security and newly added network functionality such as port mapping and support for multimedia, online gaming and IP telephony, WinRoute Lite proves to be an ideal solution for home and small office networks. Now compatible with Windows® 9x, ME, 2000 and NT4.0.

This version is not being support to windows 7 so any guys can suggest me another software like winroute lite 4.2.5 for windows 7 or supported windows 7 winroute version.

Ok , as i think the winroute is know change his name and have no updates and etc …

Did you tried to check it with compatibility mode in windows 7 to compatibility to win XP or Win 2000 ?

Yes , that version is not supporting and any other product is not , the company change the name and upgraded the need and products .

I you wona to have almost the same product its name is Kerio Control .

Its supports win 7 and etc .

You can read about it her :

P.S. I think you need to upgrade to the new software , because you are now outdated and the new product is very nice with many tweaks .

P.S. Are you looking for some open source software ?

P.S. You can try the beta Kerio Control free just check in the web site product and read about it if you wona this software

Good luck .