New Skin for Plesk 12


We’ve always strived to keep Plesk visually modern and pleasant for users, so we have created a new additional skin for Plesk 12. We would love to hear your opinion on this skin, as we’re evaluating it as a possible replacement for current default Plesk skin.

Try this new look&feel and let us know what you think.

New Plesk skin

The primary goal of the new skin was to make Plesk look more modern. We wanted the skin to be neat and clean, without unnecessary graphical elements that can distract users from perceiving important information. This path has eventually led us to “flat” design focused on minimalistic usage of UI elements and typography without complex visual decorations like shadows, glows, textures, and gradients. We wanted Plesk to have a “simple”, but at the same time “cool and modern” look.

Below are some screenshots that illustrate the new skin.

Service Provider View – Home page

Service Provider View – Tools & Settings

Power User View – Websites & Domains

Power User View – Add New Email Address

Power User View – Files

Power User View – Adaptation For Mobile Devices

What is next

  • Updating icons to suit the new style.
  • Implementing responsive UI for Service Provider View (getting rid of frames), so it will work nicely on mobile devices
  • And much more…

Tell us what we’ve missed and what do you think about this skin.

Thank you!

Good luck


New Skin for Plesk 12